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Students Enjoy Presentation by Award Winning Children's Author

On Monday, November 28, the students of Burns Avenue had the opportunity of attending a presentation by Dan Yaccarino, an award winning children’s author and illustrator.  Mr. Yaccarino is the author and illustrator of over 60 books and is also the producer of the well known children’s television shows, “The Backyardigans” and “Oswald."

The students were delighted to hear Mr. Yaccarino speak about the inspiration for his books, as they have become familiar with many of them. They had many questions about the making of his books, especially their favorites, “Unlovable” and “Doug Unplugged.”  During the presentation, Mr. Yaccarino also spoke abut the importance of imagination, creativity, and reading.  He also encouraged the students to pursue their dreams and their interests.   

The students greatly enjoyed the program and were thrilled when Mr. Yaccarino presented Burns Avenue with some signed illustrations for the library.  They also enjoyed his signing of the books that they purchased through the Burns Avenue PTA.

Thanks are extended to Mrs. Butler, the School Librarian, and the Burns Avenue PTA for arranging and funding this most worthwhile program.