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Walk For A Cause


Walk for a Cause:

This fall the Hicksville Middle School Health Department conducted its 5th annual "Walk for a Cause."  Event coordinator Anthony Tussie says "This is a tremendous opportunity to unit as a school community to bring awareness and raise money for others."  This year’s theme was Down Syndrome Awareness where over $900.00 was raised for ACDS (Association for Children with Down Syndrome) located in Plainview. 

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 walked the middle school track during health class.  Here are what some eighth grade student participants had to say. 

Scott commented, "The walk for Down Syndrome was a good thing to catch the attention of people driving and walking by.  To see us, the students of HMS walking for a cause will hopefully put the idea of donating to a charity in their heads.  If all schools do this, then many more people will contribute.  Alejandro said, "The walk brought our school together for a cause and it makes us feel like a community."  Nirpee added, "The walk was amazing! I loved walking because I wanted to help raise awareness and show that this school cares about Down Syndrome."  Ethan said, “You know you are helping someone else which should make you feel good."  Ariya commented, "I enjoyed the walk because I knew that I was doing a good thing by walking and spreading awareness.  I felt good about myself knowing I was contributing to a cause.”

Their comments reflect the tremendous heart and spirit of goodwill of the students and staff at Hicksville Middle School.