Principal's Message
 kids holding hands

                                                                                                           May 2017

Dear Parents,

      Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers, grandmothers and female caretakers. We hope you have an enjoyable day with your families. We will also celebrate another holiday this month--Memorial Day on May 29th.  This is a time to remember all the members of our armed forces and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep our great country, The United States of America free! Thank you! 

      Our weather will eventually turn to warmer conditions, but as spring progresses we see all of Mother Nature beginning to bloom. So too have we seen our students bloom here at Woodland. It is amazing to see how all of our students have grown both in size and in knowledge. I remember when our kindergarten students entered the building in September as shy little children. They have blossomed in curious, hard-working students who are adding and subtracting, reading and writing paragraphs.   They are like sponges soaking up all the wonderful knowledge being presented to them! It is wonderful to observe. 

Spring is a time when many of our classrooms bring science to life! Our third grade classes and our kindergarten classes will watch the life cycle of butterfly unfold and Mrs. Cataldo’s class have chick eggs in an incubator hoping they hatch by Expo Night! We are all very excited about Expo Night and hope all of our families come out to see the spectacular work of our students!

           May is a very busy time here at Woodland and a very exciting one. All of our English Language Learning students will be taking the reading, listening and writing portion of the NYSESLAT (New York State English as a Second Language Assessment Test) throughout May. All of our third, fourth and fifth grade students will be taking the NYS Math Assessment. All of our students from kindergarten to fifth grade will be taking the MAP assessments to measure their academic progress from the winter.   Our fourth grade students will finish up the last of the NYS Assessments by taking the science performance at the end of May and the written portion in the beginning of June.            

We will be having kindergarten orientation on Tuesday, May 16th to welcome our new kindergarten students and their parents. The students will spend some time in a kindergarten class working on a special project while their parents hear important information from several members of our faculty and staff. The students will then have their first bus safety session and ride the big yellow school bus for the first time.

 On Tuesday, May 16th, we ask that you exercise your right to vote as the Hicksville Public School Budget is presented to the school community. Also, on Tuesday, May 16th, we will have the students vote the theme of next year’s PARP Program. The students will have three choices: “Beauty and the Beast”, ”Marvel Super Heros”, or “ “Smurfs” theme. The voting will take place in the second part of the gym from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. On that day we will also hold our Expo to display the beautiful work of the Woodland students.

 Congratulations, to Juleanna Bulerin who was recognized on Wednesday, April 26th as a finalist in the Nassau Region PTA Reflections Contest “What’s Your Story?”. The ceremony was held at Wisdom Lane Middle School in Levittown. 

 As the weather gets warmer and you are spending more time outside, please do not forget to set aside some time everyday to read with your child. The love of reading is a wonderful gift to give your children and it will open many doors for them. Remember, if you can read, you can do anything!                                                                        


                                                                           Mrs. Mary Hance
                                                                           Woodland Elementary School